Indoor Air Quality Solutions

A better quality air conditioning filter is the first step to improving the air quality in your home or business. However, it’s not the only solution. Using a germicidal uv light or an air purifier can improve the quality of the air you breathe.

All air purifiers work, they remove contaminants from the air. How much they remove, and what they remove ar is what’s important. An indoor environment is a constant challenge. There are pollutants and contaminants present in your home and office constantly. So improving the quality of the air you breathe is an ongoing process. 

According to the EPA most of our exposure to allergens, toxic chemicals, and harmful biologicals aren’t outside, they are inside where we spend most of our time. Some of are obvious some we don’t think about. Such as cleaning products, aerosol sprays, books, microorganism growth in carpets and furniture, and poor ventilation.  They are broken down into three categories gases (VOCs), particulate, bio-aerosols(bacteria, viruses, and fungi). All three of these categories contribute to poorer health and allergies.

Germicidal uv lights work great to kill mold and viruses in your a/c. They work by irradiating these contaminants as the air passes by the uv light. If you have ever looked at the evaporator coil or the blower wheel, they can be really gross. Another technology is the PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation). This technology uses ultraviolet light and a TiO2(titanium dioxide) photocatalytic grid. Together they react with each other to safely destroy pollutants that a germicidal uv light alone won’t. PCO’s breakdown bio-aerosols, VOC’s,and allergens rendering them harmless. Both of these products are easy to install in your a/c system.

If you live in a hot humid climate an Germicidal UV Light is something to really consider. They don’t just help keep your air cleaner, they can save you money in maintenance cost. PCO’s are ideal for homes, beauty salons, offices, and places where chemicals are used.