5" Practical Pleats

5" Practical Pleats

        MERV 11 Practical Pleats sizes are limited at this time. Select              

         sizes are available. 

         MERV 14 Practical Pleats are available. 

  • Designed to fit into one-inch return air grilles.
  • No retrofitting required.
  • Self-sealing gasket eliminates filter bypass, reducing growth of bacteria, mold, and other fungi on the coils.
  • The self-sealing gasket eliminates vibration of filter reducing amount of particles shed into ventilation system.
  • Six times greater surface area than typical standard one-inch extended surface pleats.
  • Pressure drop  .08 @ 984 cfms – .15 @ 1476 cfms
  • Reduces energy consumption up to 86% compared to standard 1” MERV 11 pleats.
  • Effective lifetime up to six times longer than standard 1” pleats.
  • Reduces maintenance and extends the effective lifetime of the equipment

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MERV 11 Practical Pleat Filters

$135.00$185.00 available on subscription