1" MERV 10 Filters ( Great Value)

1" MERV 10 Filters ( Great Value)

Our Glasfloss Z Line MERV 10 filters are a great value and choice and better value for people with moderate allergies for your home air conditioner filter needs. MERV 10 filters are a higher quality filter than most filters you find in the big box stores at a higher price. Our filters are commercial quality filters not retail quality. The beverage board frame is rigid and maintains the filters shape and is less likely to collapse and designed for longer service life. The filter media creates an electrostatic charge when the flows through it and grabs the pollutants in the air and holds onto them. The air filters media is also bacteria resistant so you can breathe easier.

The Glasfloss Z-Line filters pleated filters don’t absorb moisture and inhibits microbial growth. They also have superior durability.

Compare our MERV 10 filters to higher priced MERV 11 filters there is a minimal difference between the two of them. Each filter can last up to three months. That makes the MERV 10 a better value and a great choice.


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