Filter Frames and Filter Pads

Filter Frames and Filter Pads

Our filter frame and filter pads are an economical way to filter your air. They have a MERV 8 rating which is the same as the most common pleated filter. Filter pad inserts are more efficient at capturing particles, such as dust, ragweed, pollen, etc., from the air stream, than standard furnace filters purchased at other retail stores. Just tuck your filter into the frame and your set. Air filter pads are easy to store, a pack of pads takes up half of the space a box of filters does. Disposal is easy just put the used filter pad into your trash. The orange and white filter media has a tackifier on one side that grabs the dust and other particulates and does’t allow them to escape the filter. We can custom make your filter. Filter pads can be made to most any size up to 36 inches wide.

Our filter frames are made to go with our filter pad inserts. Our filter frames have a Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser. A UV resistant frame is available also for an additional charge.


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