UV Lights/Replacement Bulbs

UV Lights/Replacement Bulbs

Our germicidal ultra violet lights help keep your maintenance cost down with your HVAC system by keeping mold from growing on the cooling coil and inside the blower section. UV lights have been proven to eliminate 99.9% of airborne pathogens that pass through ultra violet light radiation. UVC is a safe and effective way to  sanitize the air you breathe. Most uv light bulbs need replacing once a year, some can last two years.

We are proud carry https://www.filtersdirect2you.com/shop/fresh-aire-uv-lamps/ p. Fresh Aire UV products have a Lifetime warranty. The UV bulb has a one year warranty or two year on the two year bulb. We also sell the Speedlight and Speedlight Jr.  and Air Gorilla PCO replacement bulbs from Filtration Manufacturing.  Looking for the Biofighter Lightstick we have that too. If you don’t see your brand bulb call or email us, we probably have it.
Here at Filters Direct 2 You carry most uv replacement bulbs, Air Gorilla PCO, SpeedLight and SpeedLight Jr. from Filtration Manufacturing. DustFree’s MicroPure and BioFighter Lightstick.
UV lights do improve your indoor air quality. Help keep your family healthy and safe with a germicidal uv light disinfection system. Never install a Germicidal UV Light where the light would be exposed to your eyes or skin. Serious burns can occur.


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