Filters Direct now has thermostats programable and non programable. All digital displays and hard wired or battery operated. Digital thermostats are more accurate and easy to read.

Wifi thermostats make it easy to operate on the go. Going on vacation raise the temperature when you leave and lower when on your way home.

Programable thermostats allow you the convenience to set the times and temperature as you like to help conserve energy and optimize your comfort. Most can operate as conventional t-stats.If you like just a simple operation a non programable is a great choice. Simple operation thats easy to operate.

Most can operate with electric, heat pump and oil or gas systems as well as multistage heat or cooling.

Thermostats that we carry here at Filters Direct are commercial quality. The difference between commercial and retail is that they offer more features that you don’t have on the retail ones you buy in big box stores or other online stores. You can usually tell on the packaging. If you see an R on the box it’s retail. If you see a C it’s commercial.


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