Glasfloss Carrier Filters

Glasfloss Carrier Filters

$109.00 available on subscription

These filters are made for your Carrier brand air handlers. They are made of heavy duty beverage board frames that are water resistant and stand up to the task.

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These MERV 10 Glasfloss filters are custom made for Carrier and other Carrier brand air handlers. Glasfloss Filters are a leading air filtration manufacturer in the USA. These filters are a perfect fit for your air handler to maximize filtration to reduce air by pass. An improperly fitting filter allows air to flow around the filter and allowing pollutants to reach your coil. This can cause your evaporator coil to get dirty which reduces air flow and efficiency. It also increases maintenance cost. A dirty coil can cost hundreds of dollars to pull and clean, if it can be cleaned. With todays aluminum coils cleaning with chemicals isn’t recommended. Water is the only thing to be used. Water won’t clean a dirty aluminum coil.

Using an Germicidal UltraViolet light can help cut your maintenance cost by keeping mold from growing on the coil. Plus it sterilizes the air passing through the coil or air handler. We have several different brands of uv lights to fit your budget and needs.

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