Speedlight UV Light Kit

Speedlight UV Light Kit

$299.99 $299.99 available on subscription

Powerful UV protection for your HVAC system. 36 watt bulb provides twice the protection of other Germicidal Lights 18 watt bulbs in one kit. Easy to install and change the bulb. Available in 24 volt or 120 volt.

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Twice the power of our Speedlight Jr. The SpeedLight UV uses a dual radiant 36 watt bulb. Thats twice the ultraviolet power of most all other uv light kits. Easy installation, use the u shaped magnetic bracket to mount inside the blower section or drills 2″ hole in the front panel of your coils delta plate and insert the bulb. The base plate of the bulb is magnetic and holds in place. No screws required. Requires an area of 3″x3″ for the bulbs powerful magnetic base. Also requires a depth of 16″. 24 volt system. Replace bulb once a year. 3 Year Ballast Warranty. 40va minimum transformer is required. Professional installation recommended.This unit must be installed in compliance and in accordance with all national, state and local electrical codes. Failure to do so will void all expressed or implied warranty representations.




Ultraviolet Light Will Cause Eye and Skin Damage – Never look at an illuminated ultraviolet lamp without UV protective

glasses, such as Uvex Ultraspec 2000 S0360X. Sunglasses are not sufficient. Always unplug the lamp before servicing.

Ultraviolet Lamp May Cause Injury – Ultraviolet lamps are made of glass and therefore fragile. Safety glasses and gloves should always be worn when handling UV lamps. In addition, UV lamps can become hot and cause burns. Allow lamps to cool before handling.



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