Sensi WiFi Thermostat

Sensi WiFi Thermostat

$175.00 $175.00 available on subscription

Sensi is the perfect thermostat for people on the go. Control your Sensi from your phone. Control your HVAC system from your phone. Have the perfect temperate when you walk in the door.

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This is a Pro quality thermostat not retail. It’s the same thermostat your AC contractor would install. There is a difference between the two. 5 year warranty.

 Sensi by Emerson is easy to install. Even easier to connect. The Sensi app connects the thermostat to your homes WiFi router, no need for additional accessories or gateway needed.

Can connect without using the C terminal.

The Sensi app makes programming and operation simple.

Adjust the temperature with just a touch, from anywhere, as long as Sensi is connected to your home WiFi router. Your always connect to your homes comfort anywhere and anytime.

Your home is comfortable the moment you walk in. No more wasteful energy use when your not home.

The Sensi app on screen display shows:

Current room temperature and humidity (Sensi doesn’t control humidity).

Local weather conditions.

System status ( cooling, heating, stand by).

The current days schedule.

Next program schedule change.

Location and name of thermostat.

Control of multiple thermostats.

Thermostat display:

Backlight button for low light viewing.

Continuous backlight display using the C terminal (common)

Large easy to read display.

Heat and cool auto changeover automatically switches between heat and cool programs.

Maintains room temperature +/-1 degree.

Program will not be lost during power outages.






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Weight 1.5 lbs


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