Fresh-Aire UV Replacement Bulb

Fresh-Aire UV Replacement Bulb

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Fresh-Aire UV replacement lamps. Fits 24 volt, 120-220 volt systems and APCO models. . Four pin design. Use with Blue tube and other Fresh-Aire UV Products. 1 Year Bulb. 2 year bulb available. Original Fresh Aire UV Replacement Lamp. Buy the original. This is an OEM part, not an after market item. This bulb fits all Fresh Air UV products.

One year warranty.

Beware of aftermarket bulbs, they aren’t are always a bargain. They could also void Fresh Aire UV’s Lifetime Warranty.

Photo is used for illustration purposes only. Does not include power supply. Bulb Only

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FreshAire Germicidal UV-C replacement bulbs are made for your UV light system. These are not aftermarket bulbs which will void your warranty with FreshAire. FreshAire is one of the worlds leading Ultra Violet light manufacturers. They have a wide variety of products for your indoor air quality needs. Replacement of your Fresh-Tire UV replacement bulb is easy, just unplug the wire harness and plug the new bulb in. Bulbs come with the blue pigtail. Remember don’t look at the bulb while it’s on. Always turn power off before changing the replacement bulb. UV light can cause serious eye injury and sun burn, always use caution. Also do not touch the glass bulb when handling. Hold the bulb by the base or the end or use gloves. If you do touch the glass wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and a soft cotton cloth or a cotton ball to remove any oil left behind. Get the best product for your Fresh-Aire product always use a Fresh-Aire replacement bulb.

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