Fresh-Aire UV Blue Tube Germicidal Ultraviolet Light

Fresh-Aire UV Blue Tube Germicidal Ultraviolet Light

$180.00 $180.00 available on subscription

The Fresh Aire UV Blue Tube with a Lifetime Warranty on the ballast and one year on the bulb is a great choice for your air handler or furnace to improve your indoor air quality. Fresh Aire UV also has a two year bulb.

Fresh-Aire Blue Tube Germicidal UV Light

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Worried about your at home air quality? Sanitize your air with the Blue Tube by Fresh-Aire UV, the world leader in UV lights. As the single most popular UV light for A/C systems it disinfections and sterilizes the air through the air handler.

Responsible for killing:

You can breathe easy knowing your Blue Tube is constantly at work. It’s simple, safe, and the most effective top of the line germicidal ultra violet system using proven technology.

Installation instructions:

The Blue Tube is installed in the blower section or under the evaporator coil.

Use two Blue Tubes to cover your entire air handler or furnace.

If you have an X13 motor or a variable speed motor you need to use a separate 24 volt transformer to power the UV light.

The Blue Tube can be used with the Fresh- Aire APCO Mag.

Includes Z bracket with a powerfull magnet for easy installation.

Lifetime Warranty on all componants except bulb.

Bulb warranty is 1 year.

Lifetime Warranty on all other parts.

A 24 volt transformer to power is required

Professional installation  recommended.

Additional Information

Weight 4.03 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 43 in


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