Micropure Replacement Bulb

Micropure Replacement Bulb

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These 2 year replacement bulbs are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) made by DustFree.

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The MicroPure MX4 air purifier bulbs are a two year bulb designed for your MicrPure. Our bulbs are original bulbs made by DustFree the manufacturer of the MicroPure MX4. We don’t sell inferior aftermarket bulbs. Aftermarket bulbs are not made to the same standards as the OEM bulbs. They can burnout or quit working before they are supposed to be replaced. Aftermarket bulbs don’t always have the same warranty as the DustFree made bulbs and can void your warranty. Make the right choice choose DustFree replacement bulbs. 2 Year Warranty. If your bulb burns out before two years contact us and you get a no hassle replacement.

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1 review for Micropure Replacement Bulb

  1. 5 out of 5

    the bulb was the correct replacement for my Micro Pure MX4 unit. Delivery was on time. Satisfied customer.

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